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> Can alfalfa be cultivated on other types of soil than calcareous clay soil?

> Can alfalfa replace protein concentrate ?

> How difficult is alfalfa to harvest ?

> Are new varieties less persistent than older ones?

No. This is a preconceived idea, as all varieties belong to the same specie. The specie in question is Medicago media (variegated alfalfa), a hybrid of Medicago sativa and Medicago falcata.


Furthmore, breeding led to improved DM yield, protein content and resistance to pests and diseases. Therefore, new alafalfa varieties offer a higher performance compared to older varieties.


What has changed most are the farming practises which are far more agressive nowadays: bigger, faster and far more powerful equipment is used for harvesting.


Alfalfa remains a fragile plant. Cultivation practises and fertilization requirements have not kept up with the intensive farming of alfalfa over the last thirty years.

> Are all harvesting methods adapted to alfalfa ?

> Can alfalfa be included in all types of rations?


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