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Plant Health and Nutrition

Effective solutions

In the field of Plant Health and Nutrition, our solutions are focused on a global approach of crop farming systems and integrated production. 

Spraying aids and adjuvants

JD offers a wide range of spraying aids and adjuvants. These products boost the effect of crop protection products and help reduce their ecological impact.

Anti-slug treatments 

With an aim to protect seeds and promote sustainable solutions, JD has developed slug baits that only contain minimum amounts of chemicals. 

Forage crop management solutions

A recognized expert in forage crop management, JD has developed a comprehensive range of solutions that meet the foremost requirements of large-scale livestock farms: increasing and securing on-farm grass production.

 Bioscience, new solutions

In order to advance integrated production, JD has developed new solutions in bio-protection and bio-nutrition. Stimulating the natural defences of plants is a major area of research.


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