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Reaping the rewards of our efforts

From pioneer of Eco Performance® a few years ago, JD has become a major player in the market for agricultural supplies.

Thanks to our research teams, our efforts to innovate and invest have met with commercial success, but our greatest achievement is the trust we have gained from customers in the agricultural sector.

Our successes in figures




         market leader for legumes

          › ALFALFA : Galaxie, Timbale...

          › WHITE CLOVER : Giga, Mixclover

          market leader for cover crop mixtures

          › Chlorofiltre®, Viver®, Solvert®

         market leader for pollinator mixtures

          › Meliflore®

         market leader for companion plants

          › Plante-Compagne JD® rapeseed

          market leader for forage seeds

          › FORAGE MIXTURE : M-Les Mélanges® 

         market leader for adjuvants

           › Surf 2000®, Mix'In®, Cantor®

         market leader for anti-slug baits

Quality is what drives our development strategy

Our range of products and services is based on a policy aimed at continuously improving quality. This policy is determined by contextual, environmental and societal issues.

The quality of our range of products and services, guarantees the high-added value of our Eco Performance® solutions

Customer satisfaction, relevancy of advice and recommendations, quality of service

Environmental safety, Seveso II -- high threshold production plant, environmental hazard management

Safe working conditions, processes, organization, training, prevention

Eco Performance® is our corporate culture

Day after day, JD is committed to promoting a more competitive agriculture that is environmentally safe.

An approach we have carried even further

In order to minimize our ecological footprint, we have applied the Eco Performance® philosophy to ourselves, by:

Recycling our own waste

Developing energy-saving processes

Optimizing transportation

Reducing our use of fossil energy


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