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Biocontrol, Bioprotection and Bionutrition Solutions

Stricter regulations and environmental requirements, higher quality standards for production, building a more positive image of agriculture, are as many considerations that plead in favour of developing ecological solutions for crop protection.

Nowadays, farmers must integrate farming practices and solutions that help reduce non-renewable agrochemical input.

Bioscience is based on natural solutions that promote a new mode of action and new pathways for crop nutrition, and for managing biotic (predators, competition, parasites, cooperation,…)  and abiotic factors (rainfall, temperature, frost, sunlight, soil structure and texture,…).

These new solutions are applied to crop protection and nutrition. They can be used as an alternative or as an addition to conventional treatments. They can also help boost input synergy.

Bioscience is based on two main concepts: Bioprotection and Bionutrition.

Bioprotection (or biocontrol) involves a new approach of crop protection aimed at: reproducing the natural mechanisms regulating disease and pests (parasites, competition, metabolites,…) by stimulating natural defences in plants and/or interfering with the biological makeup of pests.

Bioprotection helps achieve pest control and prevent crop infestation.  Bioprotection solutions can be used alone or alongside conventional crop protection products, in order to help reduce the amount of agrochemicals applied to crops.

Bioscience is one of the main components of our Eco Performance Scheme.  And for this reason, our aim is to go on working with our partners on new R&D programmes, developing adapted evaluation techniques, improving our expertise in implementing the solutions we offer, and extending our projects to the European market.


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