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Today, we affirm our position on the market for combinable crops with our exclusive range of high performance seeds: maize, sunflower, rapeseed, sorghum and lupine.

Combining the benefits of innovation, the latest breakthroughs in plant genetics and environmental requirements remains our prime objective.

As part of our Eco Performance® Scheme, we help farmers improve the financial performance and the economic viability of their farms.

Our expertise in combinable crops means we have developed a unique and distinctive approach which involves:

 • Improving and making the most of the agronomic potential of soil used in rotation

• Studying and extending new cultivation techniques

• A thorough evaluation of plant varieties in order to provide plants with a high-performance genetic makeup adapted to production and quality requirements for sustainable agriculture

• A research programme on Seed Applied Solutions (S.A.S.) aimed at solving agronomic and phytosanitary problems


We work in close collaboration with biotech companies to go on widening our offer in the market for combinable crops.

To this end, we have strengthened our partnership with Syngenta in order to consolidate our strategy, secure access to high-end genetic technology and develop our global Eco Performance® Scheme for maize grain and forage seeds.


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