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Cover crop mixtures

Our cover crop assortment comes from an extensive breeding program, combined with agronomic research.

As a plant breeder, we introduce new varieties every year which are designed to be used as cover crops. Based on customer expectations and goals, our cover crop mixtures are clearly segmented.

From an agronomic point of view, cover crops are of great interest in improving natural soil fertility and minimizing erosion.

Cover crops support the yields of the following crops by releasing nutritional elements and improving soil quality and structure.

Cover crops are a good example of our Eco Performance® solution as they play a major role in protecting water resources and promoting biodiversity. They also minimize carbon footprint (reduced need for fertilizers and lower agrochemical input).

Introducing cover crops in the rotations supports economic performance by optimizing soil fertilization and increasing crop yields.

Cover crops should be carefully chosen in order to fulfil set objectives.


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