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  Nowadays, grass represents 60% of the diet of ruminants in France, and is the main crop grown on farms. Producing high nutritional value forage in large amounts is therefore a strategic challenge in order to improve the economic performance of dairy farms.

A major player in the market for forage crop seeds, we aim to actively help farmers develop an integrated approach of forage crop farming.

Our expertise in forage crops has led us to develop our Eco Performance® Scheme. A comprehensive range of solutions from plant variety selection through to forage conservation, seed protection and crop management techniques.

Developing new grass and legume varieties for forage is key to our strategy, and we go on investing substantial financial and human means to this end. Our selection and experimental centres work to develop varieties that have a high nutritional potential and are adapted to diverse pedoclimatic conditions.

Alongside this, we go on building new partnerships so we can widen our genetic resources and offer a larger range of plant species and varieties.

Our selection process for plant species, plant varieties and plant mixtures is carefully planned and complies with pre-determined criteria and objectives.

• Type of soil and climate                  

• Length of exploitation

• Forage crop use      

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